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Eleanor Friedberger nurses a white mug and makes herself at home as she mingles with the audience before her Lancaster Loud in Libraries gig. 

She's resplendent in leather jacket and white trousers which are part-jean-part-art-canvas covered in doodlings of eyes, stars, hearts and flowers.

But before this ace American treats us to tracks from her latest record, she sips her brew as support Anna B Savage  takes the stage. 

It’s hard to place the music of Savage (below). Her voice is powerful - of the ilk of Anna Calvi - but a little darker and deeper. 

You could imagine Savage singing in a Twin Peaks bar scene, her swirling tones and chords adding to the eerie atmosphere. 

Themes of self-doubt and awkwardness are abound: “Jesus I’m too insecure for this, for him to undress me and take the piss”.


At one point, while changing guitars and checking her make-up in a five foot mirror, a recording of Savage’s inner-most thoughts is aired.

The set becomes part-gig part art-installation

The spoken reflections are powerful and I’m not sure the audience has ever seen anything quite like this.

Savage says that during previous live gigs she’s remained silent in-between songs, but is ‘changing'. 

She tells of walking down a London street and sensing a panic attack coming on only to be rescued by her headphones and an Ariana Grande song. Which leads to a cover of Grande’s Into You

Savage plays five songs but the crowd is transfixed enough to listen to another 50.

Eleanor Friedberger has four solo albums and her latest is a joyous masterpiece which has racked-up rave reviews.undefined

With Rebound Friedberger has pulled together an outstanding set songs that fit together in electro pop perfection. 

So it’s no surprise that the Lancaster crowd are treated mostly to tracks from the new record.

My Jesus Phase, The Letter, and the poppy Everything sound fabulous. 


Friedberger dips into her 2016 New View album with a wonderful rendition of He Didn’t Mention His Mother.

Like Savage, it’s difficult to place Friedberger into any particular category.

Her voice has a sound of Jacqui Abbott of Beautiful South fame, while she looks like she should be in The Doors. 

Songs In Between Stars and Are We Good? reach great heights and it’s worth mentioning that this is only the fourth show for Friedberger with a new band assembled for this tour. 

The new group take up the mantle exceptionally well and look on as Eleanor eulogises about libraries. 

There’s a tale about being stranded outside one in Illinois with the family pet dog, and as a student in Texas loaning books and finding love in the university library. 

Within two minutes of closing her amazing set Friedberger signs albums for fans. 

It’s one of those nights you don’t want to end.

Friedberger plays half a dozen UK dates before hitting Europe and a Christmas show in New York.

Check her out: www.eleanorfriedberger.com 






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