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Thirty years after The Cranberries were formed in Limerick, the city by the Shannon has produced another epic indie group.

whenyoung play a dozen songs at Barrow Library and each sounds like a hit single.

The awesome foursome produce superb singalong indie guitar pop during this Get it Loud in Libraries gig. 

Singer Aoife Power is resplendent in royal blue while bandmates look like they’ve just clocked off from making submarines at nearby BAE Systems. 

They wear Dickies boiler suits and put in a tremendous shift.

The magic music is as amazing as Power’s immense voice.

Songs like Given Up and Pretty Pure could have eternal pride of place in any self-respecting indie disco or John Peel Festive 50.

Power reaches the stars throughout a stunning set which has the audience in awe. 

She has a sound of Dolores O’Riordan.

And whenyoung certainly have all the tools to scale the heights of indie legends The Cranberries.

The Cranberries might have even loved to have written whenyoung’s Never Let Go - a soaring piece of perfect pop.

whenyoung look thrilled to be surrounded by tons of tomes:

“My mother took me to writing workshops in a library when I was a child, and I think it rubbed off,” says Power. 

In-between songs Power pays tribute to the band Her’s who were tragically killed in a road accident in California last week. 

It’s an incredibly moving moment because Barrow was Her’s Stephen Fitzpatrick’s hometown.

And just two-weeks-ago whenyoung played on the same bill with Her’s in Austin, Texas.

“It’s a privilege to play in Stephen’s hometown,” says an emotional Power before she sings Sleeper - a delicate poem about love and loss…


Whenyoung are touring the UK - they have a debut album out soon.


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