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It will be like a football team bringing home the cup.

A celebration, a party, our hero home from pastures far.

Morrissey has played to sold-out shows all around the world in the last 14 months. Chile, Japan, Hawaii, Europe, America and of course Dunoon. Last week it was Israel this week it's near the Arndale. It's not quite sold-out. But it's damn near a lock-out, which in the current economic climate is amazing.

There will be more than 20000 of us there. Morrissey still does not have a record deal. Saturday will see my ninth Manchester Morrissey gig. We need to go back two decades for my first experience of watching Moz play in his home town.

Christmas 1992 at the rough and tumble Apollo. Unlike today the venue was all-seated that night- which led to frustrations among the crowd who wanted to basically go crazy. I kept over rows of seats to get to the tiny standing bit at the front. Suedehead strikes up and I crash into his arms - only to be promptly shown the door. I got back in - paying £15 to a tout.

I think that night was the first time Boz had worn a dress on stage. Methinks he'll do the same Saturday. It was a full 12 years before Morrissey returned to his city. The M.E.N the scene for the sold-out Quarry gig. Awesome scenes, just a joy to behold. Thousands of us there. I never realised so many Morrissey fans existed until that night. He was 45-years-young that very day.

He was back to Manchester several times after that playing virtually everywhere from the Opera House and Lowry to two Christmas shows at the G-Mex (or Manchester Central depending on your date of birth.) The two Apollo shows in 2009 to mark his 50th were supremely special and celebratory.

This Saturday should be the same. The son returns. My Manchester Morrissey gigs:

  • Manchester Apollo 1992
  • Manchester M.E.N 2004
  • Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket Ground 2004
  • Opera House 2006
  • Bridgwater Hall 2006
  • G-mex 2006
  • Apollo 2009
  • 50th birthday show Apollo 2009
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