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Our God-awful B&B cost £8-a-night, which was a £1 more than The World of Morrissey DVD bought over the road moments earlier in Woolies.

There was football on a minuscule TV hanging by a flimsy wire from the cigarette stained plasterboard in our box-room. I think it was showing Wolverhampton Wanderers...

These are my memories of 8 February 1995 and a winter trip to Blackpool's Winter Gardens to see Morrissey. Jesus, twenty years ago tonight. I was 21.

We had a decent size Mozarmy in those days: Me, Latta, Tammy, Lisa Garrett, George and Ed. We took the train to Blackpool North as none of us had cars or a care in the world. I'd like to say we strolled along the golden sands and took in the sea air, but it was bloody freezing and we went nowhere near the front. First stop the warmth of Woolworths to pick up Morrissey's latest compilation album before racing around to the stage door to see dozens of people like us.

Double denim everywhere and double takes as everyone quiffed-up looking like Morrissey. Inside the huge historic Empress Ballroom hordes of fans raced stage wards for the superb support act Marion. A Frank Sinatra song is played on the intro tape and it's beautiful. In two decades I've still not found out what it was... Then a rousing Jerusalem and England's Green and Pleasant land IS this concert hall on this wet Wednesday night.

Suddenly he is here - bruised and limping. The crowd is football-like and our hero is welcomed with a continuous football chant "Morrissey! Morrissey! Morrissey!" The crowd surges and sweatily sways. There's 8,000 of us - mostly men - and at stages it seems like each of us want to get close just to touch Morrissey.

The added buzz tonight as the cameras are out to film this momentous occasion for a forthcoming VHS. But no one notices the cameras. Billy Budd is an epic rush, Spring Heeled Jim produces the most deafening response as the sea of faces sing back to him La La La La La. He's in playful mood and it's just one long stage invasion after another as the apostles propel their puny bodies. I try - but the sheer number of bodies trying the same thing - means I can't get within six feet of him. If you had the strength and willpower - you could make it. What songs!: Jack the Ripper, Hold onto your friends, Boxers, even a cover of Moon River.

It's an amazing sight seeing and hearing Moz and then watching his people crash into his arms. This is love - and now only the passing of time truly gives this 1995 Boxers tour a clearer chapter in Morrissey's career. Here, he was at his absolute peak musically (Vauxhall) and his fans were at their frenzied fanatic best too. A match made in heaven.

At the death Morrissey throws his retro Blackburn Rovers shirt into the crowd. I jump and make it for a split second as a huge fight ensues for pieces of the King's Robes. Twenty years on I still have the tiny piece of white thread - I carried it in my wallet for years. It's been tied to my guitar for the last decade.

Gosh I miss that Mozarmy and those carefree days. The concert film of this concert (with footage also from Sheffield City Hall) has been released on Parlophone on DVD for the first time. Go - on spoil yourself - and relive those carefree Moz days of old.

Dickie Felton: Dickie is an author who has written two books about Morrissey fan culture. The Day I Met Morrissey, published in 2009, contains real life stories of fans meeting the music legend. His second tome, Morrissey International Airport, is Dickie's road trip to ten Moz gigs around the world.

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