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Currently sat on a Greyhound bus at San Antonio. It should have left for Austin 35 minutes ago. 

Spent an hour stood up in a queue (I mean line) before boarding.
Thank god this is our last bus trip of the tour. 

Our bus driver looks frazzled. I don't have confidence in him getting us to the music capital of America swiftly. 

Still, we are not in a rush. We got in at 1am last night after sampling a few bars on the beautiful River Walk. Bud Light all the way. In some places it's as cheap as $2 - around £1.20. 

Tonight Morrissey plays Bass Hall, Austin. Last night we watched Moz at San Antonio's Majestic Theatre - he was absolutely amazing. 

The first date of the tour, Moz caught us out by arriving on stage at 8.15pm. You travel 4,700 miles to see him and we miss the start of the show! 
Still, he was in terrific form. Tight fitting navy v-neck jumper - Morrissey is in great shape. He was in very playful mood and the fans went crazy. 

New additions to the setlist include All The Lazy Dykes, Malajusted and Still ill. 
The Majestic was a superb venue - ornate, gothic, grand, spooky. I can't recall a Morrissey crowd going so crazy for it. Lots of young people in- lots of Mexicans, lots of Moz tattoos on display. 

"Thankyou for coming all this way" said Morrissey after spotting some familiar faces in the front row. 

We managed to get very close to him at the end. Around a dozen fans made it on stage. Security was reasonably relaxed and let people hug Moz. 
People were literally screaming "we Love you Morrissey" throughout and working themselves up into a frenzy. 
Dickie and the Greyhound BusMorrissey San Antonia USA
It was a terrific night. Next stop Austin. All aboard. 

Now in Austin. Horrendous bus trip here. Thunder storms! Lightning! Crazy coach drivers!! But we made it. Now on 6th Street Austin - fab lunch on the go. 
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