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One of the greatest shows ever, best setlist ever - and that was just the warm-up Kristeen Young. Stunning Young benefits from a much fuller sound with a cool band supporting her beautiful haircut.

As for Morrissey. The opening night of his US tour and some 5,000 disciples nearly faint in awe at his entrance song Hand in Glove. But it was the older solo-er songs that stand out here in San Jose.

Is Trouble Loves Me his greatest ever song? Or Yes I Am Blind? Both quite volcanically emotive. I saw a grown man cry during the latter. Yes it was me.


To be blunt, the Moz is in the absolute prime. Forget the 80s 90s 00s. Here and now May 2014 is where it's at. Three new songs debut. World Peace Is None Of Your Business the stand-out as singer berates politics: "...everytime you vote you support the process."

Thatcher gets it early doors with her face superimposed on the body of Wicked Witch of The North. Ding Dong goes down well with the British fans here tonight. What? You didn't think Moz would let tonight go by without laying into the bad guys?

Now, the music. Morrissey has a new album due and he has new fans. This San Jose crowd young. One dad brought his teenage kids. One mum brought a babe in arms - seriously this singer is for everyone. Start 'em young. Born old sadly wise. This Morrissey thing continues to be an education to us all.


 Anyone out there contemplating fish will be berthed to the shore with the most shocking video of a man drowning on the big screens. The certificate 18 clip a comment on what happens to your cod before it reaches the chippy...Horror beyond belief. 

Pre-gig the lovely PETA people urge vegetarianism and hand out free Paul McCartney CDs. Macca and Mozzer you know it makes sense.  
National Front Disco, the Youngest Was the Most Loved, Everyday is Like Sunday all sound superb. 

For me, Matt, Conor, and Euan this night will live on for eternity. "Four British lads who shook San Jose" or did San Jose Shake us? Do you remember the night we travelled 5,000 miles for a Morrissey show?" 


None of us including Morrissey  have taken the easy road (to quote First Aid Kit). Post gig Planes to LA delayed as we make way for Obama - nothing allowed in the President's air space. 
The world's most powerful man aught to make way for a new world order. Put Morrissey in charge supported by First Lady Kristeen Young.
World Peace top of their agenda. 


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