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REVIEW: The Charlatans, Liverpool St George's Hall, Friday 8 November, 2013

Seventeen again and falling head over heels

The plan was to slouch at the back and just take in the greatness. But that naive idea was quickly shelved as the opening bars of North Country Boy kicked in.

A collective "let's get amongst it" feeling suddenly overcame us 40-somethings. You can't stand idle as one of Britain's most important bands take to the stage.


The neoclassical St George's Hall is seldom used for rock concerts and offered the perfect surroundings for an emotionally charged evening.This was just three months after the death of drummer Jon Brookes, gone to soon at the age of 44. Jon was never far from the minds of everyone present. This gig offered a complete celebration of his life.

We danced and jumped ourselves into a frenzy as Tim Burgess and his fabulous Charlatans wowed one of Liverpool's greatest buildings. This band are outstanding live.

This was my sixth Charlatans gig. The first being 23 years ago when "the Charlies" took Liverpool's Royal Court theatre by baggy storm.

And I was 17-again as songs "The only one I Know" and "Then" sent me and the Liverpool crowd berserk. At one stage in the joyous love-in I lost my footing and crashed to the floor only for a sea of hands to scoop me up again. The sign of a great gig or what?
My mate Tim was experiencing his 44th Charlatans gig. Another pal, Keith Parkinsdon only a few gigs behind him. Two Charlatans ultras (pictured below). 
By the time the encore "Sproston Green" was being aired we'd each turned the clock back sufficient decades to be teenagers again. The last train home long since gone.
There's no time to slouch at the back. Get amongst life.

Tim and Keith

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