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The i Newspaper April 2020

Remembering the day John Barnes fired Liverpool to the title.

The I Newspaper: April 2019

"The Kop's Last Stand - Remembering Liverpool's final farewell to iconic terrace"

The i Newspaper: April 2018

"A warning to Liverpool fans travelling to Rome..."

The Anfield Wrap: October 2015

"Giving up a lifetime of love for the Reds"

The Guardian: October 2015.

"A club that is rooted in its community and families can call home"


Big Issue North: November 2018

Old habits die hard In a consumer culture where we’re quick to dispose of goods and most of what sustains us comes from sources unknown, crafts dating back to medieval times are making a comeback

Big Issue North: October 2018

Gig Economies: Top quality music is being brought to rural communities in the north in a scheme ensuring tickets are affordable and fans can get home.


Brazil TV December 2018: https://globoplay.globo.com/v/7198042/

BBC TV Inside Out: December 2012

Mozarmy special. 

Southsea Bookworm review of Morrissey International Airport January 2014

Radio show Charity Shop Classics (ALL FM Manchester) Dickie guests. January 2014

RiverCool  by Mark McNulty.

Dickie interviewed by Alex Longthorne in Liverpool 2011 (video)

Dickie on Talksport radio UK talking about Morrissey 2011 (13 minutes)

The Times: The Times Magazine May 2009

Granada TV: May 2009 

Dickie takes Granada on a tour of Morrissey's Manchester.



Morrissey International Airport

Morrissey International Airport

An account of what it means to be on the road with the last great pop star and his people.

The Day I Met Morrissey

The Day I Met Morrissey

A collection of real-life accounts from fans who for a split second found themselves in the right place at the right time